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Mission Statement

Special Wishes Inc Mission Statement    Special Wishes Inc.  ( was founded in 1986.  We are a 501(C)3 tax exempt organization.  We service children between the ages of 3 & 21 that have a life threatening illness and live in the state of Connecticut.  We have NO paid personnel.  We are strictly a volunteer organization.  We belong to an organization called AWGO.  You can visit their website ( and learn more about the strict rules that they have in order to belong.  No more than 30% of our monies can be used for overhead in order to be a member.  Our percentage is under 10%.  The only expenditures are postage, phone and our accountant.  They do not govern us in any way but do serve as a great tool for networking. The following is our mission statement (taken directly from our bylaws) To attempt to enable children with life threatenin illnesses to have a last special wish.  To allow children with life threatening illnesses and their families an opportunity to experience the children's special wish.  To increase the happiness experienced by these children prior to death.  To gather and disseminate information pursuant to programs available to children with life threatening illnesses to help the children have their special wish come true.  To provide counseling services in furtherance of staisfying the last wishes of said children.  To raise funds to financially support futherance of the above stated purpose, and to exercise all powers granted to corporations governed by the provision.